What I Hate about MS To Do – Part 1

I hate pushing Planner and To Do onto people, but they are better than nothing, and they are much better than attempting to use Outlook and Word to manage projects. I was originally going to group everything I hate about Planner and To Do in one post, but I have come back to the top […]

SharePoint Permissions Best Practices

Most of this applies best to classic SharePoint sites that are not using M365 Groups. That said, you can and should continue to create additional SharePoint permission groups if you have the need to segregate content on your modern UI sites. Practice the principle of least privilege. This is specifically because you should not give […]

New Year New Blog

I’m not changing the URL or anything. I was just going through previous posts to find inspiration for something to blog about. It dawned on me that, as always, I need to post more often and that a lot of this content might feel pretty out of date for anyone using Office 365. For so […]

My First SharePoint Saturday

I’m relatively new to SharePoint, compared to most. Also, I came up to the development level from the Power User end, not the IT professional end. Luckily, I found some great mentors who unlocked its mysteries and then introduced me to the greater community of experts and enthusiasts behind this stuff. SharePoint User Groups (aka […]