Hidden Titles

The primary purpose for me to start this blog was to highlight a few of those war stories I’ve got of saving the day. I will leave the names of the clients I’ve had out of this.   So here is a rather recent event. A whole lot of us were on a rather large […]

SharePoint Irony

I do find it kind of ironic that this blog is not SharePoint hosted (no pun intended, Scott). Blame Microsoft. They can never seem to figure out what they want to do, so I guess this ended up here on WordPress. If you would have asked me what SharePoint was 4-5 years ago, my honest answer […]

Why SharePointSuperHeroes

Firstly, I wanted to explore a few war stories and tell you about those SharePoint challenges I’ve faced over the years.  I hope to bring on a couple others to share their experiences as well.  I’ve maintained madwhitehatter.com for the last few years, but that was a blog using Office365, which has stopped allowing new […]