Put OneNote Meetings in your SharePoint Calendar

If your organization uses SharePoint, there’s at least a few Calendar apps devoted to meetings. It’s the best, most versatile way to display and keep track of meetings—both future and past—for a group.

If you’ve ever used OneNote (combined with Outlook) to generate meeting notes, you know how superior it is to anything else for that purpose; the best formatted Word templates just can’t compete.

Wouldn’t it be great to put these two things—SharePoint Calendars, OneNote meeting minutes—together so that you can combine their strengths? You can, and it’s easy!

Add a ‘OneNoteLink’ column to your Calendar

  1. In your Calendar, create a Multiple lines of text column, Rich Text (not Plain Text).

    SharePoint Multiple lines text column name OneNoteLinkI like using the name “OneNoteLink“…it’s descriptive without being restrictive (see “More uses” below).

  2. Set Number of lines for editing to 1 line…that’s all you’ll need.

Use OneNote for your Meeting Notes

  1. In your meeting invite in Outlook, click the OneNote button to generate meeting notes.
  2. Save it in a common shared Notebook, in the appropriate section.
  3. Use that to capture the notes from the meeting.

Connect them together

  1. After your notes are in OneNote (use Send by Email so it automatically goes to the participants), right-click on that page and click Copy link to page.

  2. Back in your SharePoint Calendar, Edit the event item for the meeting.
  3. Paste the link to the meeting notes into your OneNoteLink field. Done!

Now, you’ve got the best Calendar working hand-in-hand with the best app for meeting notes. No more losing minutes in document folders or replicating metadata columns in a separate library…use the Calendar event for that!

More uses

  • Have a Calendar for a conference, or a something similar. Take notes in OneNote, then use a OneNoteLink to connect them.
  • Multiple lines of text columns—even enhanced Rich Text ones—have their limits. Use a OneNoteLink to expand that limit greatly.
  • Don’t use boring, unsearchable attachment files to a List item when you can use a OneNoteLink to jump to a page (or section) to hold all the files, or even their printouts. Search Bar for the win!