Author: Scott

SharePoint Workflow Best Practices

Note that I will add some screenshots in the near future. Comment if there is something that I should expand on. Automation is key to streamlining business processes to really leverage SharePoint and get a good return on investment in configuring SharePoint.  Most of the workflows you may have already seen were simple and only […]

SharePoint Saturday Pittsburgh

For the second annual SharePoint Saturday Pittsburgh, I got to speak again. Great venue at Carlow University, but I’ve not got the best AT&T coverage. I don’t know if it is the building or the location of the nearest tower. I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Irwin because it was very nice and less […]


SPAnalystSeriesBuildProcessNYC2016 Just a quick note so people can find the slides. They are essentially the same ones from SPS Atlanta and what I’m presenting this weekend in Pittsburgh.

SharePoint Permission Pain

<rant> I just need to go off for a minute.  I just got off the phone with a “SharePoint guy” for the leadership for some potential work that I am not going to do.  These individuals do not know or understand SharePoint from the fundamental understanding of how they’d like to use it for the […]

SharePoint Testing

I just realized I’d left this unpublished from a few weeks ago. This should have been published before my trip to SharePoint Saturday Atlanta. —-BREAK—- So I’m working with a new client again, and I’m seeing what I’ve often seen with other previous clients: test sites and test lists and even testtesttest2 lists. This drives […]